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Leak Detection

Using the latest non-invasive leak detection methods we can pinpoint the source of your leak without damaging your property.

As licensed plumbers and specialist leak detectors, we locate underground leaks that others may miss.

We've invested in state of the art leak detection equipment to assist us in finding those pesky leaks!

We provide helpful DIY leak detection tests to help you get to the source of the problem
We always use and recommend non-invasive approaches for all of our services
We are kind, professional, and have decades of experience
We always provide honest, accurate, and upfront prices

Geyse Installation & Repairs


We are IOPSA accredited.

We install and service electric, gas and solar geysers.

We replace thermostats, pressure and safety valves, vacuum breakers and other geyser fittings, as well as full replacement of burst or broken geysers, all done to SABS standards in order to guarantee the workmanship we deliver

We offer these repair services

Low temperature issues

Low hot water pressure

Leaking pipework

Burst cylinders

Brown water

Internal or external installations

Drains & Sewers


Years of grease, soap scum, hair and food waste all contribute to clogged drainpipes. This can cause drains at your home or business to slow down.

To get your drains "draining like new" ccall us today and we will have them working as good as new!

We can:

  • Remove years of built-up debris that slow the drainage in your pipes

  • Keep your drains flowing smoothly

  • Use products and techniques that are safe for all types of plumbing


Wayne Osrin Plumbing is able to open up 99% of drain blockages (unless the pipes in the ground are broken).


With our Drain Machines there is no

digging and no mess. 

Water Line Inspection


One water supply line runs from the street, under your property and into your home. By turning on the taps, you have fresh, clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning.

Normally, a water line should provide many years of trouble-free service.

If, however, you notice a sudden drop in water pressure, an abnormally high water bill or a recurring wet area in your garden, you should contact Wayne Osrin Plumbing  as soon as possible to conduct a complete inspection of your home or business water line. Depending on the size and location of the leak, we can assess the scope of work necessary to correct the problem before any work begins.

There are a number of reasons why your water line may need servicing:

• High water pressure
• Mineral build-up
• Acidic soil conditions
• Ground movement
• Freezing and thawing of the ground
• General deterioration due to age

Call us today and we will come right over to rectify the problem

Certificate of Compliance


A PIRB CoC is a self-certification and declaration issued by Wayne Osrin Plumbers - a PIRB licensed plumbing service, who acknowledges the work undertaken to be compliant with all the Plumbing South African National Standards and Regulations, and Mandatory Standards and Laws.

Only qualified and registered plumbers are legible to grant CoC's which protects the client from poor or bad workmanship and the use of low quality or incorrect products and supplies. 

It is important to apply for a COC especially in the case of insurance claims and as a guarantee of quality workmanship.

Call us today if you need a COC. 

General Residential & Commercial Plumbing


• Geyser repair and installation
• Toilet/restroom renovations, repair, rebuild and replacement
• Bathroom and Kitchen tap fittings and other related plumbing repair and replacement
• Water pipes & leaks

• Septic Tank Services
• Septic tank pumping

• Sewer Line Services

• Root & clog removal
• Sewer line repairs and replacement
• Sewage ejector and sump pumps