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ATTENTION HOMEOWNERS! The best things in life are FREE! That's why we are offering a FREE AUDIT on your property's premises!

The comfort and enjoyment of your home depends on the proper functioning of all your plumbing systems. The problem with plumbing problems is this: Most of the plumbing system is not visible. It is tucked away in your roof, runs discreetly through your walls and lies beneath the ground. So as the saying goes - out of sight - out of mind!

Calling a plumber is similar to calling the dentist! Most of us only call them when we really really need them, and this is usually when it’s too late and the damage is already done - causing pain, be it financially or physically!

Problems with your plumbing system are intrusions that need to be resolved quickly and handled by the professionals.

When you call Wayne Osrin Plumbers, it is our job to make those problems disappear. We'll do our part to restore your home to the comfortable and safe place you deserve it to be. We respond quickly and professionally to remedy any plumbing problem at your home, business, or commercial properties within the Greater Johannesburg area.

Complete with a checklist, we will assess all the plumbing on your property and establish if anything needs to be attended to. Should there be an issue we will offer you solutions on how we can rectify, restore or replace plumbing that may present future flood or water damage to your household and property. Plus we will get your system operating at its best and to full capacity.

Leaving your plumbing unaudited is like not brushing your teeth. Something’s going to crack, break or fall out! The truth is it may cost you a little bit to get your plumbing back in order now but the cold hard truth is - that if you ignore it, it's going to cost you thousands more when your unchecked plumbing deteriorates and destroys and damages your valuable items and property

We look forward to hearing from you so why not send us a Whatsapp or CALL US NOW on 082 416 5333 to book your FREE AUDIT while this special offer is still running!

Take care, Wayne and The Team.

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