5 BRILLIANT Reasons Why you should call us to Install Solar Geysers Today!

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Skyrocketing utility bills and perpetual load shedding, is causing South Africans to look for alternative ways to supplement their energy supplies. Geysers are known to draw the most electricity and are the main cause for our utility bills being so high. So what's the solution?

Solar Water Geysers!

Solar geysers harvest the sun's rays and convert them into energy generating electricity which in turn heats up the water within them. So just what are the benefits to installing solar? Read on and we will tell you…

Here are the 5 Brilliant Reasons!

YOU CAN CUT YOUR WATER UTILITY BILL BY UP TO HALF! Your geyser runs all day and you only really need it twice a day to shower and do the dishes. When installing solar you will immeadiately cut your monthly utility bill by up to 50%!

RAIN, SHINE AND LOAD SHEDDING - ALWAYS HAVE HOT WATER ON TAP Thanks to load shedding we very often open the taps to cold water. With solar that will never happen plus we can also support Eskom by taking some off the pressure of the already overloaded and compromised grid.

IT'S THE LAW New legislation in South Africa rules to install solar geysers on any new development. 50% or more of your geyser needs to be able to generate renewable energy. By complying to the law you are doing your bit to be a good law abiding citizen and we commend you!

IT’S GOOD AND CLEAN AND FRESH - TRALALA! Solar Geysers harness the clean energy of the sun, so its kind to the environment and does not create any pollution which is kind to the planet, reduces your carbon footprint and paves the way for a safer, happier and healthier environment for future generations.

INSTALLATION AND EXPERTISE BY LICENSED, QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS Wayne Osrin Plumbers are experts in providing, installing and repairing all geysers and are big advocates for installing cost saving, eco-friendly solar water geyser systems. Call us today for a quote.

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