How Much Water Do Gautengers really use?

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Have you ever thought about how much water you consume per day? We're sure you would like to use less and save on your water bill.

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In 2018, the Gauteng City-Region Observatory and a team of water specialists from Pegasys Consulting and the Wits School of Governance undertook a project to better understand the urban water crisis in the Gauteng City-Region, and also to establish what long-term water security would entai, and how it could be achieved.

The threat of climate change compounds this uncertainty, adding further long-term risk.

Gauteng is situated high on the divide between South Africa's two great rivers, the Limpopo and the Vaal rivera and has very limited local water resources. Johannesburg was built on Gold and not like in most casesof other big cities, alongside a large body of water - hence our very dry winters on the Highveld.

“Gauteng depends on supplies from a large, highly engineered system and very few local sources that draw water from five different river basins across six provinces. Our climate is extremely interchangeable and there are numerous factors that affect the supply of water to Gauteng including a history of unpredictable multi-year droughts.”

A long side commercial and residential water usage, our water is also largely consumed by the mining and agricultural industries which serve as the backbone of our economy and are essential in the production of our food and contributing to our economy.

As a society, we take for granted how important water is and just how much we rely on it. We only realise its importance when we cannot access it.

As Gauteng’s population continues to expand we must continually asses the security of our water supply if it is to continue to sustain its people and the province's economic growth. A good example of this is when Cape Town hit ground zero and had a total water crisis on its hands.

As Gautengers we must ensure that we endeavour to save water and keep our consumption to sustainable limits. We will need to be prepared be to restrict water use as soon as drought becomes evident.

You can do your bit by having your plumbing checked for hidden leaks and making sure all your taps are drip free. Keep a bucket in your shower to catch lost water and reuse that water to water your plants or clean your household. In a future post we will be sharing more ways to save water!

In closing our little mantra is: SAVE WATER! EVERY DROP COUNTS!

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