Updated: Jul 9, 2021

We all know the importance of saving water - especially after the terrible drought our country has been experiencing over the past few years. Its up to us as global citizens to use water sparingly and conserve water as best we can. We have many ideas to help you save water and save money on your water bill. .

Our Most Precious Commodity!

Life is so beautiful and precious. Without water there is no life! As citizens of this planet, we should do our very best to use water sparingly. Save water, save lives!

Are You A Polar Bear?

Did you know that polar bears can swim hundreds of kilometers in freezing cold water without taking a break? And while polar bears love to swim in frigid arctic waters we know you prefer a lovely hot bath or shower everyday.

What if you turn on the tap only to find there is no hot water? Has this ever happened to you? Do you run the bath and jump into it anyway? Probably not, you’re not a polar bear!

We get so many calls from people asking for us to help them but it's usually after the fact when their geyers have burst or just cease to work.

Don't become a polar bear - unless you really want to - rather call us to come and assess your geyser and plumbing before it's too late!

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